Can I Still Get My Boyfriend Back if We Have No Contact?

Communication is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome during a break up. Should you call your ex boyfriend, or wait for him to call you? What should you say to him? There are many different techniques you can use to win him back, as long as you're willing to make the correct approach.

Haven't Heard From Ex

They say timing is everything. When it comes to breaking up and making up, such a statement couldn't be more true.

Somewhere between 'too soon' and 'I waited too long' is the optimum time to get back in touch with an ex boyfriend... that is, if you're looking to win him back.

The problem is knowing exactly when and how you should make such contact, and learning the single best way to approach him after the dust has settled.

I know it's tough. When a guy breaks up with you, it's easy to be totally stunned. You probably walked away from the breakup in tears, not knowing what to do next. By the time you got home, you were a total emotional wreck. Talking right then and there, you really didn't know what to say.

But then, as the impact of what just happened finally hit, you felt the sudden urge to do something about your break up. Suddenly, you had a thousand things to say. Maybe you grabbed a pen and wrote some of these things down, or formed a letter to your now ex boyfriend. You figured the same thing every other woman has at one time or another: if I can only make him see how I really feel about him, he'll realize that we belong together... and he'll take me back.

The Worst Possible Way to Handle Your Breakup

If it all sounds familiar, that's because this is the most common way of dealing with a break up. It's also the fastest way to feel lonely, depressed, needy and desperate. Those four qualities will drive your boyfriend away from you faster than you can snap your fingers, so you need to shed them quickly. Getting your boyfriend back requires a stronger and more casual approach to the whole reconciliation process.

Picture this for a minute: imagine YOU broke up with some guy. But instead of going away, he keeps calling and calling. He writes you love notes, length emails, and maybe even text-messages you several times a day.

As he chases after you, the decision to break up with him looks more and more like a good idea. His approach here is pathetic, and he's lost all your respect. This guy can't keep his own life together, so why do you want him in yours?

The answer of course, is that you don't. Needy and desperate behavior is always going to push someone further away. To get back your ex boyfriend, you cannot act like this. Take a good, hard look at the actions you've taken since your boyfriend ended things, and try to be honest about your behavior.

Winning an ex back is about displaying the exact opposite traits he'd expect to see after dumping you. You do this through the use of reversal methods, and it's these little-known tricks and techniques that end up changing the entire way your boyfriend currently sees and feels about you.

Getting Him Back Through Strength & Confidence

Men are generally attracted to strong, independent, and confident women. These are the same traits they value when forging male friendships... the same things they strive for in themselves, and in their peers. To win your boyfriend back, you'll need him to respect you. And to earn that respect, you can't push too hard or too soon.

Breaking all contact with your ex after he breaks up with you is one of the best ways to get his attention again. This is something many women overlook, because it seems like the opposite would be true. Yet the more you're in his face - the more you put yourself in plain sight? The less of a need your ex has for you in his life again. Since you're already there, he knows exactly where you are and exactly what you're doing. He has no incentive to go looking for you, or to want you back.


Do you know a couple that has gotten back together after a break up? How did it happen? In 100% of these cases, it's because these two people missed each other.

You'll never get your boyfriend to want you back again until he needs you in his life... and that can't happen if you're calling, writing, and contacting him on a daily basis. Only once you've gone away for a while can he finally get lonely, and this is when your ex will begin realizing how much he misses you.

The Best Ways to Regain Contact With an Ex Boyfriend

Contact ex boyfriend etiquette is pretty standard: no communication after the break up. If you can go a few days without calling, chances are pretty good your ex will call you. This is because he wants to see what you're up to, where you've been, and above all else? Why you haven't been chasing after him.

By not looking desperate, you're giving his ego a little bit of a kick. Because even if he fully intended on staying broken up, every guy always likes to think the girl he just dumped can't get along without him.

How far along in your breakup are you? What stage are you at? Knowing where you are, and where your ex is at can determine exactly what you should do next.

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