Meeting Your Ex For the First Time Since the Breakup

Seeing your ex for the first time since the breakup? What should you do? What do you say? What subjects or topics are off-limits? Learn exactly how to handle the reunion date, and what you can do to make sure your ex boyfriend wants to see you again and again.

Seeing Your Ex

If you've worked hard to get your boyfriend back after an unwanted breakup, the reunion date is key. This is the last hurdle you need to overcome before getting back together, and this one little meeting can really make or break the future of your relationship.

Understand that you need the reunion date to go perfectly if you want to strengthen the chances of actually winning your boyfriend back.

Meeting Up With Your Ex

Seeing your ex boyfriend for the first time since breaking up can be both exciting and nervewracking, so you have to know how to handle things.

On one hand you're psyched to see him after being apart for so long... but on the other you're trying real hard not to make any mistakes that might drive him away. Say or do the wrong thing and you can send your man running in the opposite direction.

That said, there are a number of hard and fast rules you need to follow when meeting up with your ex boyfriend. Below is a brief list of do's and don'ts:

Make Sure You Look and Feel Your Absolute Best

It should go without saying that you want to look your best when seeing an exboyfriend, but you also need to feel your best. Going into this meeting while feeling awkward or shy can really hurt your chances of a successful reunion date, as you'll immediately set the mood to something a lot more serious than it needs to be.


Meeting your ex boyfriend should be fun, and you should treat it that way. Laugh, joke, and enjoy his company. Be confident, cool, and relaxed. If it helps, try to imagine how casually you talked while still being together with him, and even play the part.

The more at ease you can keep yourself, the more relaxed your ex boyfriend will be. This will help let his guard down, so you can decide exactly what he's thinking when it comes to renewing your relationship.

Don't Bring Up Your Past History Together

Talking about past good times is a great way of reconnecting with your ex. You share cherished memories of times when you were together, and re-living these experiences can help bring out the emotional bonds your ex boyfriend still feels toward you.

However, the last thing you want to do is talk about your past relationship. This invariably leads to talking about how it ended, and could even lead to one or both of you placing blame. This isn't what you want when you first meet up with your ex. Right now you need to keep the mood light, easygoing, and fun.

Keep it Short - Leave Your Ex Wanting More of You

Another common mistake women make when seeing an ex boyfriend is to hang around far too long. You don't want a long drawn-out dinner date with your exboyfriend, or even a dinner date at all. Instead, offer to meet your ex for coffee or lunch. The shorter you can keep things between you, the better the date will go.

By keeping this first meeting as quick and casual as possible, you're ensuring that your ex boyfriend will want to see you again. And if you've been trying to get your ex back for a while now, what's another few days or weeks? Trying to accomplish too much too soon can make the date turn awkward very quickly, and that's the last thing you want if you're hoping to reverse your breakup.

How to Make Him Want to See and Meet You Again

Just getting to the point where your ex has agreed to see you is a very good sign that he might want you back. He's already shown significant interest in seeing you face-to-face, and if he wanted nothing more to do with you he wouldn't have agreed to meet at all.

If however, you're having trouble getting to the point where your ex boyfriend asks to meet up with you? Stronger tactics might be necessary. There are methods and techniques you can use to renew his interest, turning your ex's attention back to you. Applying these basic reversal techniques can accelerate the process of winning back your boyfriend's heart and mind.

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