Making Your Ex Boyfriend Want and Miss You

No breakup can be repaired until one thing happens: you need to make your ex-boyfriend want you again. You do this by putting yourself back in his head, and most of all making him miss you. Until your boyfriend actually needs you back in his life, you're never going to undo the breakup. So throughout the process of getting back together, your goal should be to get him thinking about you as much as possible.

Make Your Ex Boyfriend	 Miss You

The problem is you need to do this without physically seeing him, and for much of the time that you're broken up, limit your contact with him as well. While this might sound like an impossible task, there are some very basic methods you can use to indirectly put yourself back into your boyfriend's mind without him even knowing you did anything. Once you can do this, it makes the process of getting back together much easier. When your boyfriend thinks he's the one who came up with the idea to reverse the breakup, he'll be much more interested in forging a new relationship with you.

While you're trying to make ex miss you, it's not always easy to know whether or not it's working. You won't always know what your ex-boyfriend thinks or what's on his mind, especially if you're not in touch with him. And by the time you do see or talk to him, the vibes he puts forward on the outside aren't always the same emotions he's feeling on the inside. Your ex-boyfriend may be guarded in his dealings with you, which means you may have to decipher some of his words, actions, and body language to determine whether or not he's interested in you again.

Signs That Your Ex Isn't Ready To Move On

After the breakup, your ex-boyfriend will suppress a lot of his feelings for you. He'll do this so he can move forward, but in some cases he'll also do this because it pains him to think about you. Your ex won't immediately want to face what he's given up by choosing to end things, which is why it's easier for him to bury those emotions. But there's good news here. Any time a guy suppresses emotions rather than deal with them, it's because he's not fully over the idea of being with you. It's a lot easier to forget about you, than it is the process any residual feelings of love he still has after the breakup.

Does your ex-boyfriend still love you? In all likelihood, yes he does. Whether or not you get back together depends upon how well you can play upon those buried emotions, and skillfully coax them to the surface. There are many effective techniques for bringing out your man's true feelings for you. But first you must find out where they are, and which memories he cherishes most. This will allow you to play upon his weaknesses and exploit them in order to get your ex boyfriend missing and thinking about you again.

Getting Back Into Your Boyfriend's Thoughts

The big snag most girls hit here is that they move too quickly. You need to use subtle methods to reach those buried feelings - you can't use a bulldozer. By digging too deep and digging too fast, your ex will know exactly what you're doing. This will destroy any chance you have of this technique working, because your ex is always going to be suspicious of your motives from that moment on. He may even be angry and annoyed that you're still trying to get him back, even after you've accepted the breakup. For that reason you must tread very carefully.

The best way of uncovering your ex-boyfriend's true emotions for you is to let him dig them up himself. Some of the best methods for doing this involve creating an atmosphere in which your ex has no choice but to think about the good memories he had with you. When this is coupled with a sense of urgency that maybe you yourself are about to move on from the relationship, your ex-boyfriend is faced with a decision. He needs to choose whether he wants to let those good times go, or take you back and create more of them.

This type of technique takes finesse and experience, and the best time to apply it is when your ex-boyfriend is alone and more likely to think about your past relationship. Once you've placed your ex in the position of thinking about and missing you, there are additional steps you can take toward getting him back.

How To Use Your Past History To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Your ex-boyfriend already knows that he loves you. Getting him to realize how much he loves you is the real trick. By planting the seeds of your past history together, you can eventually get him thinking about you even when he hasn't spoken to or seen you in a long time.

That being said you can't just run up to your ex-boyfriend and start talking about good times. Anything you do must be done indirectly or your ex will see it for what it really is. You cannot and should not come off as desperate. Chances are good that your boyfriend already knows you want him back. He knows you're going to try and win him over, and he's expecting some type of approach. You need to have patience, and move slowly or not at all.

One of the best ways to make your ex-boyfriend miss you is to completely disappear. By doing this you're giving him exactly what he thinks he wants. If he asked for a breakup, you need to give it to him. If he wanted some time alone, you need to give him more than he asked for. Your ex actually expects you to try and work things out - he doesn't expect or even want you to disappear completely from his life. Yet when you do exactly that, he's faced with the fact that you may be gone for good. He has to swallow the idea that he got exactly what he asked for... yet he won't be happy because it's not what he really wanted.

This might sound confusing, but it's the way a guy's mind works. When a guy breaks up with you, he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants the freedom to do what he wants, but the luxury of still knowing exactly where you are in case he changes his mind. When you take that luxury away from him, the idea of the breakup becomes a lot less appealing.

Stop Chasing Your Ex and Start Being Chased

The whole time you're chasing after your boyfriend, he's holding all the cards. He knows he can get you back with a snap of his fingers, so it gives him the strength to continue extending the breakup for as long as he wants. The very moment you stop chasing him is the moment the balance of power shifts in your favor. At that point your ex-boyfriend realizes that maybe you're not always going to be around. You might even be ready to move on with a new relationship, and that will worry him more than anything else.

When you stop chasing him, he'll stop running. The game is over for your ex-boyfriend, because it's no fun to be running all by himself. You need to get him to open his eyes and realize he stands to lose you very quickly unless he's willing to do something to get you back. By not calling, e-mailing, or contacting him, he'll come to that realization a lot sooner than you think.

The No Contact Method - Giving Your Ex Time Alone

Breaking communication with your ex-boyfriend means just that: no contact whatsoever. There are times this might be difficult, especially if you work with your ex, happen to go to school with him, or even share the same group of friends. You'll want to see him, and you'll want to hear his voice. There'll be times when you're alone and you'll be tempted to call him up. You may also want to drop him an innocent e-mail just to see how he's doing. But in the end, doing any of those things would undermine what you're trying to accomplish.

Contact Ex Boyfriend

If you have to physically see your ex, you need to put on a big smile and be happy. If your ex-boyfriend sees you somber over anything at all, he's going to attribute it to the fact that he broke up with you. This will be another hurdle you need to get over on the road to getting him back. You don't need that, so no matter what mood you happen to be in, you must always maintain an outward semblance of confidence and happiness whenever he happens to be around.

Some of the most effective methods to no contact approach involves unplugging yourself electronically. In today's world we too often rely on electronic means of communication to stay in constant touch with everyone we know, when in reality that much contact can be very overwhelming. Turn off your cell phone for a while and see how good you feel. Don't log in to check your e-mail - instead, get together with friends and do something you love. Keeping busy is a great way of keeping your ex-boyfriend off your mind, while at the same time getting him to wonder where you are and why you're not trying to get him back. The busier you can keep, the happier you will be, and the better shape you'll be in when it comes time to reestablish contact with your ex-boyfriend.

Reconnecting With Your Ex - The Best Ways to Do It

In time, the fact that you haven't spoken with your ex-boyfriend will create a situation where it's okay to get back in touch with him. How long should you wait? There's no hard and fast rule, but a month to six weeks seems to work in most cases. This may seem like a long time, but you need to realize that getting him back requires giving him the chance to miss you.

Getting back in touch with your ex after weeks of silence isn't as hard as you think it is. He's already going to be wondering where you are, and will be curious as to what you've been doing. He'll actually welcome contact from you, and may even suggest meeting up. But even if he doesn't, there are some special techniques you can use that will get you ex boyfriend to both call you, and physically want see you again. Some really cool tips and tricks for getting your ex to contact you can be found here.

Taking time away from each other after breaking up is always the best medicine when it comes to getting back together. The tumultuous environment surrounding a breakup is an impossible place to begin repairing your relationship. Only by both of you taking a few steps back can you really see things for what they are. From there, meeting your ex for lunch or coffee in order to talk about things is a simple, logical step that you'll both be likely to agree to.

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