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While our site contains page after page of great advice on getting back your ex boyfriend, gathering as much information as possible is crucial to your success. As anyone trying to win back their ex already knows, what works for one person doesn't always work for another.

Make Up With Boyfriend

For this reason we've compiled a list of the highest-rated and most popular breakup guides on the internet today. Of all the choices out there, these resources offer the most help and have achieved the highest review possible: our recommendation.

Below you'll find detailed descriptions of these downloadable guides to fixing your relationship. Each has it's own area of expertise, as each individual author may have his or her own unique style and approach to getting back together with a loved one.

Some of these guides may contain audio and even video resources you can use to help put your relationship back together, as well as testimonials from people who've successfully used them. You can listen to and watch demonstrations containing everything from best opening moves to step-by-step instructions on how to get your boyfriend back.

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Magic Making Up Review

The Magic of Making Up - REVIEW

Perhaps the most popular guide to fixing a breakup, The Magic of Making Up has helped thousands of women win back the love and respect of their ex boyfriends. Much of the success is due to it's author, T.W. Jackson, and his extremely hands-on approach to the entire process.

T.W. doesn't just talk about getting your ex back, he actually holds your hand, step-by-step, through the entire process. His gentle demaneor and helpful attitude are welcoming, and his willingness to offer individual help through his personal email is an attractive aspect of his program. He's helped many people who were stuck on different stages of the reconciliation process, and his testimonials are chock full of grateful couples who've managed to get back and stay together.

In The Magic of Making Up, T.W. gives specific examples on what you should be doing in order to win your ex over, and more importantly, what you shouldn't be doing as well. He identifies seemingly innocent behaviors that might be driving your ex boyfriend away. If you've often wondered how to react to a certain aspect of your ex's behavior, or are unsure of when or how you should get back in touch with him, Jackson offers definitive advice based upon your own unique situation.

Regardless of your current circumstances, you'll find answers to all of your questions within the pages of this eight chapter downloadable guide to getting your boyfriend back. You'll be educated as to what pieces of the puzzle are currently missing from your relationship, and how to add those pieces back in a way that will once again attract the attention of your ex.

T.W. also goes over recognizing why you broke up, what caused the end of your relationship, and ways you can go about halting and reversing the breakup process. By altering the way your ex looks at the current situation, you'll learn which emotional buttons will trigger positive responses that will put him back in your arms again. Find out how to stop chasing your ex boyfriend, and start getting him to pursue you again.

Special circumstances are explained in great detail within The Magic of Making up, covering all bases and break up situations. What should you do if your exboyfriend is already dating another girl? Can you still get him back? What if he broke up with you because he caught you cheating? All of these areas are covered, as well as many others. By applying the right tools to your own situation, you receive a more personalized approach to fixing your broken relationship.

Downloadable in minutes, T.W. Jackson's step by step program is popular for a single reason: its sky-high success rate. Check out the link below, and watch free introductory videos that will help get you started on the path back to your boyfriend:

The Magic of Making Up

Ex Factor Guide - REVIEW

Written by relationship author Brad Browning, this extraordinarily popular guide to breakup reversal has more than earned its reputation.

Ex Factor Book

Brad's techniques for relationship repair are all designed around the workings of a man's innermost thoughts. By playing upon the correct parts of the male psyche, he shows how you can secretly align yourself with your ex boyfriend's current feelings and emotions. Once you've done this, getting him to come back to you is only a few steps away - steps that the author takes with you as he shows you exactly what to do next.

If you've ever wanted to know what to say to your ex boyfriend, this guide gives you specific examples no matter what your situation may be. You'll learn why your boyfriend isn't responding to your attempts to get him back right now, and what you can do to crack his code. The reversal techniques taught within Ex Factor are designed to work alongside your ex's own thought processes instead of against them, which is an instrumental part of keeping getting him to think that rekindling your romance was all his own idea.

Whether you're still talking to your ex or you haven't heard from him in a while, Brad Browning also shows you the best methods of reconnection. Find out how you can get your ex boyfriend to call you, email you, and even show up to see you with just a minimum of effort on your part.

The usefulness of this guide is unparalleled, especially for those women currently stuck and unsure of what to do next. Knowledge within this downloadable resource is also available in video format, so you can actually listen to Brad's words as he teaches you to win back your boyfriend. You can even check out a sample of his audio guide at the link below:

Ex Factor Guide

Break Up Reversed Review

Breakup Reversed - REVIEW

Robert Parson's best-selling guide to winning you ex back boasts an astounding 95% success rate! In Breakup Reversed, you'll learn all the techniques necessary for halting and reversing your break up, repairing your relationship, and creating a future where you and your ex will be happily dating again.

By identifing the true reasoning behind why your ex boyfriend broke up with you (and very often it's not what he told you), you can begin working on fixing whatever parts of the relationship he sees as broken. The emotions and feelings your ex has tried so hard to keep hidden from you are all revealed under the light of Robert Parson's unique recovery methods.

Additionally, the author shows you how to create jealousy and desire within your ex's own mind, causing him to not only want you back again, but physically and emotionally need you again. When this happens, you'll find that your ex will be begging you to return to the relationship, rather than just reluctantly agreeing to give things a second try.

Parson's step-by-step approach to handling things allows you to jump right into the program no matter where you might be. So whether you just broke up or have been apart (and trying to get your ex back) for a while, you'll find out exactly what should you be doing next in order to get things on track for reconcilation.

Learn lots more about this incredibly successful guide, as well as audio and download information at the link below:

Robert Parson's - Breakup Reversed

Ex Factor Guide

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