What to Do When Your Boyfriend Wants to Take a Break

It's as confusing as it is unexpected: your boyfriend wants a break from you. What does it mean? How long will this break go on? And most important of all, is there any way to save your romance, or is he going to eventually move on? Knowing exactly how to handle this very sticky situation can actually keep your break from becoming a break up.

He Wants a Break

There are times when instead of breaking up with you, your boyfriend will ask for a break from your relationship.

The bad news is that this could mean the end of things between you. Ultimately, your boyfriend could decide that he's better off single, and end up walking away for good. But the good news? A "break" is his way of saying he's not totally done yet.

"Let's take a break" happens when he can't completely let go, yet still wants the option to potentially keep the relationship going the way it was.

In this respect, he's not done dating you yet... he might just want some time alone, some space to breathe, or some room to think things through.

Understanding Why He's No Longer Happy

Before you do anything, it's a good idea to find out why your now ex boyfriend feels this way. Reasons for wanting a break vary from your boyfriend being tired or bored of the relationship all the way up to wanting to date someone else. Some of these reasons may be outside the scope of your control, but others might be factors you can change. And if you can understand why he left? You can formulate a plan for getting your boyfriend back.

Sometimes, guys will leave a relationship because they don't exactly know what to say. They're unhappy, but for one reason or another they find it difficult to talk to you about the core problem that bothers them. This is when you'll get very few parting words or excuses. Your ex will look for a quick way out, and sometimes the easiest way is to just ask for some time apart.

But if you want to be proactive about the situation, there are quick changes you can make that will turn your boyfriend's whole opinion of you, and your relationship, around.

You can also make sure that certain problems do NOT exist in your relationship, or that if they do, you're working on rectifying them. Letting your boyfriend know that you've identified and are trying to fix certain issues that may be bothering him can go a long way toward reversing his decision to want a break.

Reasons Your Boyfriend Might Want Time Apart

Below is a list of common behaviors that push men away. They aren't necessarily relationship-killers, but depending upon the extremes to which you're exhibiting these traits, your boyfriend might be unhappy because of one or more of them:

You're Always Insecure

Men aren't always good at making women feel better about themselves... our efforts on this front are often clumsy and forced. Because of this, guys don't always know what to do around an insecure girlfriend. If you're constantly in need of reassurance to the point where your man feels awkward about it? It may be a reason he needed some time off.

You're Constantly Moody

Moody behavior is a big turn off to men. Most women who display moodiness don't see themselves this way: they usually think they've got a legitimate gripe with whatever issue they're wrestling with. Examine yourself honestly and try to determine whether you've been overly upset and moody about things lately. Even if they have nothing to do with your boyfriend, he may feel like they do. Having to cheer a girlfriend up all the time can be an exhausting thing for most guys.


You're Very Jealous

Nothing drives men away from a relationship faster than overzealous jealousy. Unless there's a legitimate reason for you to feel this way, keep your jealousy in check. You can't keep accusing your boyfriend of things he hasn't done, and if you continue along those lines you're only going to drive yourself crazy too. If your boyfriend wants a break from your relationship, make sure it's not because you're always on his back in a jealous rage... over nothing.

You're Needy

Playing helpless can only get you so far. Guys are attracted to girls who can take care of themselves, have lots of friends, are outgoing and confident... pretty much all the same things women are attracted to when it comes to men.

Over time however, as the relationship progresses, some girls have the tendency to become more and more dependent upon their boyfriends. If you had little in the way of hobbies, friends, or plans outside of being with your ex boyfriend, he may have felt suffocated by all the attention. Without realizing it, you may have caused your boyfriend to need some time to himself.

You're Overly Controlling

Some people will date someone and suddenly believe they should be in charge of their every move. Both men and women are guilty of this. If you've exerted a lot of control over not only your relationship, but also your boyfriend's life? There's a good possibility this is why he asked for a break. A guy who can't make plans with his friends or family without first checking with his girlfriend, or who has to answer phone and text-messages every few minutes to keep his girlfriend satisfied is going to eventually be looking for a chance to escape.

You're Highly Dramatic

There are things that happen during a relationship that can be very upsetting... but then there are other things that don't matter so much. Some women however, enjoy the additional attention given from situations of high drama. Have you blown a lot of things out of proportion within your relationship? Have you been responsible for turning little fights over stupid things into big, huge blowouts? A dramatic girlfriend is high maintainence, and most guys will lose interest quickly. Make sure this wasn't the case, when your boyfriend broke up with you.

Saving Your Relationship From a "Break"

Understanding why your ex needed to end your relationship, even temporarily, is a critical aspect of the reconciliation process. If you can identify and repair issues that are bothering him, you can not only get back your boyfriend but also improve the quality of your future together. And hey, don't think that all the problems are on your end either - there are things your boyfriend does that you might have issue with as well. When you get back together with your ex, try to discuss these things in a positive, non-confrontational way.

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